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H-Expert BB Hair Hinode 150ml

A New concept of hair treatment, restores damaged hair by the action of time and chemical processes. Its unique formula cleans and moisturizes gently, leaving hair with a lot more shine. Benefits: There are 10 benefits in a single product, leaving the hair stronger and radiant. • Intense Brightness • Nutrition • Capillary Shielding • Mass Replacement • Softness • Resistance • Color Protection • Cuticle Sealing • Solar Filter • Frizz Reduction


Leave-in BB Hair H-expert Hinode restores damaged hair by the action of time and chemical processes, and brings much more shine to the hair.
The H-Expert BB Hair Hinode line offers many more benefits in a single product, providing nutrition, softness, resistance, color protection, ease of combing, wire shielding, among many others. Check out all the items in the line in our hair products section.
Leave-in is the ideal product for finalizing hair care, without the need to rinse after use. In addition to sealing the cuticles, protect the color and shield the wires, it is perfect to use at any time of the day.
Developed specifically for the care of weather-damaged hair and chemical processes, shielding wires and protecting against the incidence of sun rays, Leave-in BB Hair H-expert Hinode moisturizes and leaves your hair much brighter. Guarantee yours now!
Hinode has thousands of consultants and consultants throughout Brazil who are ready to assist you in purchasing your products and in choosing the ideal leave-in for your routine and personality. Find out which ones meet your region and get all your questions answered!
Informations about the product:
- Keep the product away from light and heat.
- Protect your content from continual exposure by always leaving it properly closed.
- Discontinue use in case of product sensitivity.
- For external use only.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- The product is available in packs of 150ml.
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