The fragrant beauty of Brazil nuts and fruits.


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GRAND COLOGNE FOR MEN 100ml  ( 3.4 oz.)

Grand Cologne, Good choices remains!
Grand and Grand Noir have been carefully designed for the modern and successful man and leave an unmistakable power trail. Exhale all your sensuality and awaken your senses through amazing fragrances!

Grand Men's Fragrance was developed with inspiration in the classic Bourbon whiskey and its unusual liqueur chord. Created especially for men of remarkable, contemporary and sophisticated personality, the Grand Hinode is a powerful and irresistible fragrance.

The Hinode perfumery line features high quality and outstanding fragrances. Developed through constant improvement of your production techniques, Hinode fragrances are perfect for every moment of your life.

Try the Hinode Grand Men's Fragrance and notice the presence of fruits, vanilla touches, woody and amber notes, making this fragrance delightfully addictive.

Made by Grupo Hinode