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    Product free of parabens, sulfates and hypoallergenic phthalate

    A great revolution in skin care is happening, and is being made possible thanks to Routine Age Reverse!

    Rejuvenated skin in just 5 minutes

    The Routine Age Reverse is totally unique and efficient in its formulation.

    It has a unique technology, capable of reversing the effects of age in five minutes.

    That's it! In just five minutes after application, you can reverse:


    Grooves and micro imperfections

    Bags under the eyes

    Acne Marks

    Routine Age Reverse acts as soon as it is applied to the skin, even in the younger ones.

    Its efficiency is comprehensive, no matter if the skin is dry, oily or mixed.

    Even on sensitive skin, the Routine Age Reverse can be effective without damaging the epithelial tissue.

    This is because it was designed to be hypoallergenic. In other words, does not cause irritation, much less allergic reactions.

    How Routine Age Reverse Works

    Immediately in the first minute, the compound begins to act on the first layer of the skin.

    You will feel a slight tingling, a sign of the Routine Age Reverse reaction in the epithelial tissue.

    Already in the second minute, the volatile elements begin to evaporate, and to interact with the skin cells.

    And it is precisely in the middle of this process that, in the third minute, the lifting effect ("lifting") begins.

    Substances, upon evaporation, force the epithelial tissue to rise. This becomes more intense with the reaction of the compounds of the product with the proteins of the skin.

    In the fourth minute, the tensor effect becomes more evident, giving the texture and shape of the skin rejuvenated.

    This interaction with Routine Age Reverse compounds and epithelial proteins are what ensure their effects for up to eight hours.

    How to Use Routine Age Reverse

    It is easy to use, and can be applied at any time.

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Routine Age Reverse:

    Make sure the skin is clean

    Keep your face toned, and still

    Apply small localized amounts, lightly tapping with your fingertips

    Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the product to dry completely

    During this application process, keep your muscles immobile at all times. This increases the efficiency and durability of the product's effects.

    Enough wrinkles, dark circles and other facial imperfections. It has never been easier to have young skin, and feel 15 years younger.

    With Routine Age Reverse, this is now possible. With instantaneous and long lasting effect, it is the biggest revolution for treatment of facial skin.

    Made in Brazil by Biosphere Industry and Trade in Cosmetics Ltda

    Distributed by Hinode