The fragrant beauty of Brazil nuts and fruits.


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Grupo Hinode in Brazil

Based on a dream of a better life, Hinode was founded in 1988 by Adelaide Rodrigues and Francisco Rodrigues.

Entrepreneurs, they believed that through this company would ensure a better life for their family and for all the people who were truly involved.

And as they were right!

Over the years, the Hinode has grown and professionalized, making it one of the Direct Sales companies most respected in Brazil.

Through constant investments in technology and product development to quality assurance, together with a simple, affordable and profitable marketing system that recognizes and rewards those who have spirit, determination, courage, enthusiasm and are committed to their personal and professional development .

Since its founding, the Hinode manufactures and markets more than 300 items in its catalog. In May 2012 the company adopted the MLM system, providing a business even stronger, sustainable and highly profitable.


In 1983, the seamstress Adelaide Rodrigues, in order to improve the budget of her family, began to resell products. Was exerting this activity that Adelaide has identified an opportunity to change their lives and with great dedication, in less than two years already grossed more than her husband, Francisco Rodrigues.

Francisco, who was then metallurgical decides to drop their profession to build along with Adelaide a large organization of Direct Sales.

In 1988, Adelaide and Francisco, motivated by the achievements of their dreams, they decided to expand the opportunity we have had for many people and, with the help of the eldest son - Sandro Rodrigues, decided to start their own direct sales business in the field of cosmetics.

In a garage, Adelaide, Francisco and Sandro manufactured and packaged their own products. Then was born in São Paulo Hinode, a firm idealized through the courage and determination of a family, who believed in the workforce to realize their dreams and today offers opportunities for many other people achieve their goals and gain the financial independence.